Violet Myers

October 3, 2019 – 9:37 am

Violet Myers Violet Myers
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Violet cant pass up a sale. The local episode store is having a blowout sale, TWO movie scene for the price of one! Flawless opportunity for Violet to add some porn to her collection. When that babe goes to check out at the front counter, the clerk tells her that they are having a VIP particular as well. It only requires viewing a "short clip presentation" and u acquire TWO larger than typical prizes. What the hell, this babe doesn’t have anything else to do…she’ll observe the presentation. Humorous thing is, the presentation is a Gloryhole episode! Right up her alley!! That babe can not prevent herself from getting horny and pretty soon finds her fingers all over her luscious little cunt. As she starts to orgasm, 2 bigger in size than run of the mill dongs come through the holes in the wall. Her very own gloryhole!! That babe doesn’t waste too much time, stroking and sucking her recent playtoys. This girl slobbers all over them! Mouthing isn’t sufficient for her though, she needs to be stretched out. This babe slips both cocks into her constricted aperture, riding back and forth. That babe finishes one as well as the other off in her face hole, taking the loads all the way down her mouth.
Violet Myers Violet Myers

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