Velicity And Elena Get to Know One Another

December 31, 2007 – 3:29 pm

Velicity and Elena had a lot in common. For a long time, they had both felt the stirrings that drew them apart from the crowd. They had been with lads plenty of times, but the one and the other wanted smth more. They were both curious about what it might be like to be with one more gal, but neither of those bashful young gals had the guts to make it happen. That?s when we stepped in.

The minute we put those 2 doxies in front of the camera, their true nature came to light. Velicity pulled off her shirt, exposing her immense but perky juvenile love muffins, and Elena went to work, curling her fascinating pink tongue around Velicity?s nipples and gently sucking ’em upright. Her squashy hands traced up and down the graceful curves of Velicity?s body, eliciting a stream of fascinating moans, until at last Velicity couldn?t take it anymore. That babe easygoing on our couch and, intertwining her fingers into Elena?s long golden-haired hair, forced her face into her own waiting pussy.

Elena knew what to do, and put that skillful tongue of hers, lapping gently at Velicity?s palpitating clit and tracing the silky skin of her glistening moist wet crack. Overcome with the newness of this experience, Velicity felt herself already shuddering towards an large O and had to stop herself, not wanting to end things so in a short time. She pulled out the 2 dildos this babe had brought along and handed one to Elena.

They quickly fell into each other?s arms, sharing delicate kisses as their perky areolas fondelled against one some other and they tanalised every other?s hungry cookies with the tips of their toys. All at one time, they plunged into one one bigger quantity, every one screaming out in surprise and ecstasy. Overcome with craving, they furiously worked every other?s pussies until, building off each other?s horniness, they climaxed at the same pont of time, drenching each other with cum. They collapsed together, without breath, their newly confirmed suspicious leaving merely one thing on their minds: how lengthy until next time.

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