Tyler Gets a Ride from Ryder

January 8, 2008 – 5:56 am

When we brought Ryder into our studio for a shoot, that babe thought that babe was in for just one bigger in size quantity usual clip; a little rogering, a little engulfing, and out the door with money in her hand. Imagine her surprise when we introduced her to her hubby for the day: TERRY, a glamorous blond with ideal natural mambos and a constricted virgin slit, freshly bald and ready for our star’s rapt attention.

A slight in number nervous moments passed where Ryder endevoured her utmost to convince us that this babe didn’t know what was happening, but the allure of that silky blond hair and bronze skin was too much, and in a flash that babe was on her knees, with her face buried unfathomable in Tyler’s cookie. It was nearly like this was exactly what she had always wanted, but had been afraid to ask!

Ryder’s charming pink tongue darted in and out of her love tunnel, making it wetter and wetter. Tyler’s love button grew harder as that babe began to murmur aroused little moans that got Ryder hotter than ever. After just a small in number moments, Ryder’s able technique had Tyler’s haunches bucking wildly, but Ryder backed off at the final pont of time, unwilling to satisfy her just yet.

Taking total control of the situation, Ryder crawled on top of ALEXANDER, straddling her just like a man would have, grabbing her perky melons in one as well as the other hands, squeezing and stroking them as she planted delicate kisses all over Tyler’s full pink lips. Sluggishly, with precise rhythm, Ryder began to grind her own thighs into Tyler’s, rubbing their swollen snatches against one another, intermingling their luscious juices.

Unable to control herself, Ryder began to thrust harder and harder, until their swollen clits were brushing each other, poking ’em one as well as the other past the brink. At once, they the one and the other came, flooding each other with squeals of delight as they collapsed in one another’s arms.

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