Trisha Rey and Tori Lane Decide To Eat Out For A Change

November 13, 2007 – 12:06 pm

Trisha and Tori went out to lunch one day. During the time that they were at the restaurant, Trisha reached below the table and started stroking Tori’s haunch. She said Tori she wanted to copulate her, but had not ever been with a hotty before. Tori said that babe would gladly educate Trisha to eat her bawdy cleft and the girls left and raced for Tori’s apartment.

Tori said Trisha to fib back on the daybed and open her legs. Trisha did, and Tori was pleased to watch not panties but a exposed naked wet crack below Trisha’s petticoat. Tori used her fingers to probe Trisha’s bare cum-hole whilst Trisha groaned and begged Tori to take up with the tongue her. Tori lowered her head and let her tongue gently touch Trisha’s palpitating love button. Trisha bucked her haunches against Tori’s tongue in anticipation. Finally, Tori started to take up with the tongue at Trisha’s twat. Her tongue lapped sluggishly at 1st, and once Trisha’s juices started to flow, Tori licked harder and faster, making Trisha have her 1st lesbo big O.

Tori licked Trisha’s juices from her lips and then slid her panties off and pulled Trisha’s head into her lap. Tori said Trisha to gently lick her clit, so Trisha ran her tongue over Tori’s little bud. Tori groaned and told Trisha to take up with the tongue faster, and that babe did, letting her tongue flick more and more of Tori’s love tunnel until she was lapping at her whole bawdy cleft. Trisha let her tongue flicker over Tori’s love button afresh and Tori let go, covering Trisha’s face with creamy pleasant cum.

Tori seized a vibrator and turned it on. This babe shoved it against her snatch and let Trisha observe during the time that she brought herself to some other climax. Then Tori told Trisha to push the sex tool onto her own vagina. Trisha’s slippery snatch slid over the head of the sextoy and she felt herself squirt her cum-hole juices all over the dildo while Tori observed and then licked Trisha’s cum from the sex tool.

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