Talk About A Wet Puss!

February 1, 2010 – 4:30 pm

Talk About A Luscious Puss!

“My bloke was so horny that I was plan to pose for NN,” said Skye. “He showed up at my flat with a present for me: This nightie that, he told, would make me look really hawt. I thought it looked like something a Soho prozzy might wear, but I went into the loo to put it on, besides. When I came out, that Lothario was standing on my dressing table so this Lothario could take some fotos from an ‘artistic angle’ this chab said. I was just envisaging for him to fall on his bum. This dude was like a porn director, telling me what to do and how to move. But I shut him up real quick when I started to finger my snatch and it creamed up.”

Talk About A Moist Puss!