Sydney: 70 Photos of Sydney

April 4, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Sydney: 70 Images of Sydney

“I do not have a partner,” told Sydney, “because my work schedule–nights and weekends–makes it kinda stiff to date. But I love my job and I wanna advance myself, so I put up with it. I still receive sex when I wish it ’cause I’ve a pair of fuck buddies, and one or the other of ’em is usually in city and free when I commence feeling wanton. I call the lad up and that ladies man comes over for several hours of no-holes-barred, commitment-free sex. One of the bucks is, like, 12 years aged than me. That woman chaser is my talented lover, slow and very professional. The other guy’s merely 20 and this charmer is the wham-bam sort paramour.”


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