Smoking Hot Ginger Bangs Her Older Boyfriend.

December 3, 2007 – 3:29 pm

Ginger knew she wanted Eli the pont of time that babe saw him, preferably that night. The fact that daddy would definitely not approve of her seducing one of his employees made Eli all the greater quantity glamourous. Now, this babe needed to come up with the ideal plan, beginning with the perfect outfit. That babe decided on a soft pink reservoir top, a sheer white airplane petticoat and completely no thing else.

Ginger headed back to the legal office her daddy ran after she knew that smooth operator would be gone and headed up to watch her next conquest. That babe easily found his office and was pleased to find he was alone in it. She knocked softly in advance of she slipped in shutting the door behind her.

Eli looked up from his work and smiled when that ladies man saw her previous to asking if there was something this fellow could do for her, that fellow knew it was a loaded question and hoped by the looks of her that she would take it that way. That babe giggled and said him that guy could let her rumple his sheets. Who was this chab to argue with an offer like that.

They were barely back at his apartment before they were stripped and she had his shlong in her face hole groaning at the size of it. As much as her throat felt great on his cock, this buck wanted so much bigger amount of the bosses little cutie. This chab picked her up and dropped her on the sofa sliding his hands up her legs, coming in contact with her bald, soaked cunt, this man knew that smooth operator needed to smack that and make her shriek in advance of this chab pounded her in every way this chab could think of.

Ginger loved the taste of his schlong, but then this babe loved the smack of every weenie so this was nothing new. But even larger quantity than eating a weenie, this babe loved being eaten by a gent and did not object when Eli moved her to the sofa and began to feast on her pussy. Laying back and letting go, her agonorgasmos came, one of many she silently hoped during the time that she screamed in enjoyment.

Eli slid up her body giving a kiss along the way and reached into the dresser drawer for a cum drum as this man kissed her face hole and anticipated the feel of her juvenile cookie around his stiff dick. That babe took the open condom package from him and slid the cock rubber down his shaft before poking him over and climbing on to ride him. They the one and the other groaned as she slid down his rod, penetrating her fully. Then they banged, she rode his rod until this petticoat chaser was about to cum. This chab wasnt ready to be done yet so that Lothario pulled out and flipped her over entering her doggy style and began to pound her vagina rock hard, letting his nuts slap against her love button. Feeling that not quite tingle again, but still wanting to be inside this hot little goddess, Eli switched poses anew placing her on her back so this chab could pinch her nipps during the time that this chab continued to shag her. This time this chab let himself go, pulling out and removing the condom right in advance of cumming on her face. Ginger licked the cum from around her lips and smiled at him, she wasnt done yet, but they had the complete rest of the night.

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