Sinnamon and Virginal Veronique

November 6, 2007 – 7:45 am

Sinnamon is a bad gal; this babe likes to eat slit, but even greater quantity than eating soaked cum-hole, that babe loves to educate girls who have not at all fucked another cutie to eat her cunt. So Sinnamon was very slutty when that babe met Veronique. Veronique was a lesbian virgin: she had never had her tongue in some other woman’s love tunnel in advance of, and now this babe was about to learn from the superlatively worthwhile.

Sinnamon spread her longs legs for Veronique this babe Veronique could see each moist fold of Sinnamon’s cum-hole. Sinnamon said Veronique to stroke her clit, and that babe did, tentatively reaching her fingers over to Sinnamon’s wet crack and gently rubbing her little nub. Sinnamon bucked her hips at Veronique’s touch. Her cunt started to throb and as Veronique proceeds stroking her love button, Sinnamon wanted to have Veronique finger shag her. So Sinnamon made Veronique take two fingers and drive ’em unfathomable into her soaking moist cum-hole. Sinnamon started to cum as Veronique detected Sinnamon’s g-spot and massaged it. Then Sinnamon begged Veronique to take up with the tongue her clit, and the feeling of Veronique’s flicking tongue sent Sinnamon over the edge.

After Sinnamon had cum all over Veronique’s hand and tongue, she got down betwixt Veronique’s legs to reward her for her subrigid work. Sinnamon licked at Veronique’s little clitoris, making it swell with crave. Veronique opened her legs wider so Sinnamon could lap up all the slit juices that were sliding with out her snatch as she came all over Sinnamon’s lapping tongue.

During the time that this babe was coming on Sinnamon’s tongue, Veronique started to massage her love bubbles and implore Sinnamon to put her fingers unfathomable in her snatch. Sinnamon started with one finger, then two and three, moving then back and forth until Veronique came afresh, letting her spunk squirt all over Sinnamon’s still-licking tongue.

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