Shining Amateurs (or do I mean shiner)

December 10, 2007 – 8:00 am

GUY !!! – Like what is with some people ? I have an icepack by my eye right now and I KNOW its intend to be a helluva shiner….

I was at this theater and some woman chaser and his chick were all snuggling and getting it on and this chab’s like sliding her top up so he can cop a feel of her bazookas…they’re all shining from the movie light and I completely thought they knew I was there and could see them. Everyone knows Dilettante porn is freakin awesomely hot cos there is no acting and the people are like way into what they are doing.

So I pull out my cell phone web digital camera and say “hey smooth operator, can I take some pix of your girlfriends bouncy bosoms and u fellows screwing? she is so completely hawt and I can toss off to them later” and BAM next thing I knew I’m laying on the theater floor, my head is ringing and they are walking over me as they leave. I think those losers were also non-professional to be dilettante for anyone’s enjoyment and definitely not sexy enough for real content like the vixens at


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