She’s A Dirty, Little Girl!

June 28, 2010 – 5:30 pm

She's A Obscene, Little Girl!

“I shagged a bloke for the 1st time on the day I turned 16 and it became legal, and I hardly avoided since,” said Jada. “I love sex; can’t receive enough of it. But I’m not a slag; I won’t shag any old bloke and I don’t go for one night stands. I’ve a two-date rule before I’ll widen my legs. And my other rule is that if a Lothario can not make me cum the 1st time we fuck, this smooth operator won’t receive another chance. I’m not gonna waste time with a smooth operator who cant satisfy me, there are too many others out there who are bonkers to do the job properly.”

She's A Ribald, Little Hotty!