She’s 19, And It’s Her First Time!

April 30, 2009 – 9:30 am

She's 19, And It's Her First Time!

Sometimes, a little information is sufficient. And this is one of these times. The gal you’re looking at is Lexis Smith. She’s 5’2″, 118 pounds and is from Florida. She’s 19 years mature. And this is her first time on episode. That’s all you needed to know, was not it? Once u heard the magic words “19” and “first time,” u were sold. You took your wang out and got willing to PEDRO. Which is exactly what Lexis desires. “It truly turns me on,” she said about the idea of you getting off to her clip. Like we said, a little information goes a long way.

She's 19, And It is Her 1st Time!

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