She Likes It Raunchy

January 22, 2010 – 4:30 pm

She Loves It Raunchy

“After my bloke had taken these pics of me for a giggle, that Lothario wanted to send them in to some magazine who would publish ’em but not pay everything,” told Penelope. “I told him, ‘Not bloody likely!’ But I did like the idea of seeing myself in a magazine, so I did some research in some newsagents and identified NN. I knew right away that it was the magazine for me. I wanna be observed and wanked over by lascivious blokes all around the world.”

“I’ve been shagging for years,” said Penelope. “Remember, we’re lucky in the UK because the legal age for sex is 16, not Eighteen adore it is in America. That’s just inexperienced if u ask me! I have beautiful much tried it all: Each position the bloke and I could think of; bum sex; 3somes with another cutie and with 2 blokes, and some kinky shit that I do not wanna talk about. I’m not sick of sex yet; I desire it as often as I can acquire it, and I’m sure that there are still lots of fresh things for me to experience. Now, being raunchy in a men’s mag is smth else I can cross off my sexual to do list.”

She Likes It Raunchy