September Scott – Walk In The Woods

December 27, 2007 – 2:15 pm

It was a captivating day outside and I hate being stuck in this abode. The winters are lengthy and lad does it get boring just sitting around in the abode. There’s a small patch of woods up my street and figured thats where I’d go. As I was about to leave my spouse reminded me to take our digital camera with us. Immodest thoughts this chab had as one time we got there that buck had me exotic dancing out my hot outfit half way in the woods. I CLIFFORD’t care as I enjoy the warm sun pressing down on my in nature’s garb body. Topmost thing about being stripped in the sun is NO TAN LINES!!!!! Each beauty has to assent with me on that one, nothing like getting stripped to see what suits you had on and for how long with being numerous different shades of tan.

Okay back to my day in the woods, after posing for several fotos we decided to walk a little larger amount. Well another time that man had me showing off my wobblers or pulling up the skirt for the cunt shot. I adore it thou, the sense of being outside risking being caught or being seeing by others, that I LUIS’t care, people can view me all day, turns me on, but I WESLEY’t have the cash to be taken to jail for showing the goods for free in public. Smth I not ever have understood. I put together a dunky batch of fotos of my day in the woods for u.

If U have pleasure that make sure you identify out my site or the other free photos that my diary has for u.

>Come join me and see me get smutty with my spouse inside!!!!!!!!

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