September Scott – On The Roof

December 26, 2007 – 9:06 am

September Scott

So, I’m always looking for fresh places to do photo shoots. This day, we couldn’t detect any. The local park was crawling with people everywhere. My secret place down by the river, wasn’t so secret anymore. There were dozens of people fishing there. My photographer ally told me he was plan to make a quick prevent at the local strip mall. I was expecting inside the car when I noticed the ladder up to the roof. When my ally got back, I said him I had discovered a place. This chab looked at my a little weird at 1st – but I’m used to that. HA-HA-HA.

Get in to investigate the hot pix from that afternoon on top of the roof. It was so odd taking the pix up there. It was truly kind of hawt in bigger quantity ways than one. We were so close to people, I could hear people talking all the time but they couldn’t see us. They had no idea how much pleasure I was having up on the roof.

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