September Scott – Lingerie

December 22, 2007 – 8:43 am

September MIGUEL In Lingerie

Click this link to see some naughty photos of me in some hawt underware! This is a little specific treat for all you boyz. Almost all of the time, I wear what I’d call cute underwear. I’m sure lots of boys think that’s hot, but for me it’s just what I wear daily. But this day, I was in the mood for smth nasty. My boy friend bought this outfit for me awhile go. I decided today was the flawless day to wear it for a pictorial. Wearing something sexual like sheer lingerie and nylons makes me feel so hot.

I was planning on just posing for the camera and doing a little disrobe tease. But even when I was done with my disrobe tease the brandish wasn’t over yet. I was so turned on, that I started to finger myself. I was so succulent already.

I hope my underware turned you on too. >U can watch bigger amount of my photos at my web resource.

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