September Scott – Lesbian Sleepover

November 9, 2007 – 9:28 pm


Hey boyz, I wager u desire u were in the midst of this! My friend Kitty Karsen and I had a very naughty sleepover the other night. I’m not allowed to have men sleepover, in fact I think they wish me to leave the door open even if I’ve a guy in my room. I’m 18 so trust me that isn’t happening. However, when Kitty comes over they MARVIN’t care that the door is closed and locked. They have no idea just what we’re up to, but if they did I’m sure I wouldn’t be allowed to have anyone over anymore!

Identify out those episode clips of my and my gal friend Kitty Karsen fooling around. I love making her cum with my tongue and fingers. Feeling her love tunnel in my face receives me so turned on, by the time it’s her turn to go down on me I’m already soaking wet.

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