September Scott – Lesbian Adventure

December 23, 2007 – 8:55 am


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I’ve been allies with Kitty Karsen for as long as I can remember – but as you can see things are a little different now. I STEVE’t know how it happened. One day we were just friends the next day we were experimenting on each other, if you know what I mean. I’ve not at all even kissed some other LUIS or even thought about it – but I receive so turned on by Kitty Karsen.

We were drooping out in my bedroom one afternoon. Somehow we ended up on the sofa making out. It was so unusual kissing her, her lips are so soft and tender. No thing like kissing a Lothario. Our hands started exploring each others bodies. Her hands were so smooth. Next thing I know, my face is between her legs and I’m tasting her. This babe’s so wet. I’m leaking my tongue betwixt her lips and this babe starts to moan.

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