September Scott – Hot Date

September 13, 2007 – 9:53 pm


September BEN Teasing The Digi camera

Hey my sexy fellows! How are you tonight? If you couldn’t tell I’m in a beautiful valuable mood. I just got back from a date. Well, kind of a date – I wouldn’t call it a real date. We just went to the mall, did some shopping and stopped at takeaway food place on the way home. I just met him this weekend, I really didn’t think he was plan to call me. This chab’s easily one of the hottest bucks I’ve ever talked to and when I met him I was out with my allies being inexperienced so I thought this Lothario was going to think I was immature or something.

But it went glamorous priceless. I can’t await to watch him anew. Well, honestly I can’t await for him to make a move to acquire into my straps. I’m so concupiscent once more it isn’t even a matter of joke. I guess I just receive to get laid and this may sound bad but I really need to acquire my slit pounded subrigid. Sorry, I’m sooooo lascivious.

Anyways, I have to go receive some homework done. Since, I was out with him all day I didn’t receive anything done.

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