Sepetember Scott – Peeping Tom

December 30, 2007 – 8:48 pm

September Scott

I have this nosey neighbor. He always seems to notice when I have lads over. I was always worried that gent’d tell my parents – but now I suppose this chab’s interested in smth else. I caught him looking at me the other day when I was changing in my room. I’ve at no time had a peeping GARY previous to – I quickly closed my curtains. However, I was beautiful turned on. That night I had fantasizes of him watching me.

The other night, it was just beginning to get dark out. I had the lights on. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, but he had a beautiful precious view inside my bedroom. I had absolutely forgotten about him until I looked out my window and saw him. But this time, I didn’t run and hide. I put on a little brandish for him, acting like I didn’t watch him as I took off my briefs and camisole. I guess I got turned on as much as he did! Acquire inside to watch some pictures from that night.

I haven’t viewed him since that night, but I’ve been leaving my curtains open, hoping that buck’s out there.

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