Samantha Finally Fucked Marlena’s Brains Out

May 29, 2007 – 9:54 am

Marlena was the bartender at a popular high-school bar. The bar was part of the lap dancing club scene, usually the last prevent of the night on the way to an after hours hotspot. By the time the kids gotta Marlena’s bar, they were already well past wasted.

Marlena was always DUANE when Samantha, a marvelous, curvacious golden-haired, came in with her allies. When that babe came in, she would sometimes sit at the bar and flirt with Marlena. Marlena would serve her liquid courage and pray that Samantha would invite her back to her dorm. One Friday night, this babe did exactly that.

At Samantha’s place, Marlena was quick to pull of Samantha’s shorts and panties, making her bend over so that babe could admire the gazoo she had adored from afar up close and personal. She spanked Samantha’s exposed wazoo, jiggling it and fondelling it. Samantha got bored of this and stood up so she could aid Marlena out of her alluring clothing. She squeezed and fondelled Marlena’s nipples and licked her enormous marangos. Then this babe forced Marlena to the floor and opened her legs.

Samantha kissed down Marlena’s hard belly and licked up and down her tanned thighs. When that babe had Marlena shuddering and shivering with anticipation, this babe lowered her face into Marlena’s seize. This babe was already damp and her slippery clitoris appeared to be to slide easily between Samantha’s lips. Samantha plunged her finger into Marlena’s juicy aperture and fingered her while that babe sucked at her clitoris. That babe groaned and used her tongue to poke Marlena closer to big O. Samantha licked faster, and pounded Marlena’s love tunnel with her fingers. That babe moved her fingers back and forth, caressing Marlena’s g-spot. Suddenly, Marlena’s anticipation gave way; she released a astronomical squirting climax that drenched Samantha’s face, tongue, lips and hand in her oozing soaked cum-hole juices.

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