NEWCUMMERS Special 145: 70 Photos of Meara Steel

May 9, 2007 – 4:30 pm

NEWCUMMERS Particular 145: 70 Pictures of Meara Steel

Meara, Twenty and ALLEN, 22, were too shot in an apartment: their apartment in Trenton, Fresh Jersey. They are one as well as the other high school students and have been jointly for three years. They decided to bonk for our cameras as a very intimate souvenir of their relationship, and also–like many students–because they could use the supplementary specie and neither of ’em has time to get a part-time job. “It was me who suggested it,” told Meara. “I bought REGINALD a copy of Newcummers one day as a gag gift. We were looking at it in bed that night and after looking at the couples screwing, I asked HARRY if we could do it, also. This gent was not all that keen at first, so I started fondling his 10-Pounder, and after I would given him a worthy oral-stimulation that woman chaser was all for doing it.”


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