NewCummers – SP 145 – Etiene

April 13, 2007 – 10:11 pm

Etiene confesses to being a big-time flirt and exhibitionist. “I love being the center of attention for dudes,” that babe told. “I hardly ever wear a bra, but I know that my areolas get unyielding real easy–quite often at work–and I adore it when I watch that my male customers are looking at them. I hardly ever wear panties either; is that awful? I wear my waitressing skirt as short as my boss will let me, and I try to flash for hawt, male customers. Certainly, that is supposed to mean that I get great tips, likewise. I’m even worse when I am out with my friends. I’ll always flash my tits or my a-hole for hot lads if anyone dares me to.”

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