NewCummers – SP 145 – Chloe Monroe

April 18, 2007 – 10:29 pm

“I was going to pose for fotos to send to Newcummers, but my gent and I broke up,” said Chloe. “There’s this lad in my apartment complex that I really had the hots for; we’d often watch every other by the pool and hang out together. I was wondering why he wasn’t hitting on me–he obviously liked me. One day this chab asked if this guy could take a photo or 2 of me in my bathing suit to test his new digi camera. So I posed, then invited him to my apartment for a beer later on. When this chab showed up, I asked him to take exposed pics of me. This chab told okay, but this chab didn’t know I was plan to receive immodest and entice him.”

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