Newcummers – SP 142 – Pantera

February 23, 2007 – 4:16 pm

“I posed for a chortle,” told Pantera. “My job is bloody boring, and I just broke up with my bloke coz that chap was banging around, so life was a drag. I was over at a mate’s place, and we were looking at her hubby’s Newcummers magazines while this lady-killer was at a footy game. We were having fun criticizing all the cuties when I said, ‘I’d be perfect for this magazine.’ ‘Great,’ told my fella, Rachel, ‘I’ll acquire Dave’s digital camera. And u will not even have to share the specie with me, just take us out for a meal somewhere.’ I figured, What the hell. Rachel’s viewed me in the nudie in advance of. I’ll give it a go. Here are the results.”

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