Newcummers – SP 142 – Aaralyn

February 19, 2007 – 9:21 pm

Aaralyn, the 20-year-old first-year student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was in the July ’06 issue of Newcummers (SP136), posing solo in the backyard of the abode that babe shares with four other beauties. Since then, that babe has, obviously, hitched up with JOEL (Thirty eight), and they invited our digital camera to catch them in act in the kitchen at her house. “Ramon came to the house one day when I was home alone,” told Aaralyn. “He was there to do some plumbing that we’d called the landlord about. I was sunbathing in the yard when this ladies man was finished. That chap wanted me to sign the work command and that lady-killer got a hard-on. I thought he had a pipe in his jeans. I was amorous so I enticed honor…okay? I was so glad that I did, and now we’re together.”

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