NEWCUMMERS October 2007 Special 154: 70 Photos of Madison Claire

September 14, 2007 – 4:30 pm

NEWCUMMERS October 2007 Special 154: 70 Fotos of Madison Claire

“I’m go out with an older lad. He’s 33. He’s one of the sales reps who services the supermarket I work in,” said Madison. “We have so much joy together, and I don’t just mean in bed. But sex with him is amazing! He’s so accustomed and this smooth operator always takes the time to make sure that I cum and acquire just as much without fucking as that buck does. That charmer is probably ruined me from ever rogering boyz around my age afresh. I’ll try anything that chap offers as long as that gent keeps making me feel so nice. He’s already gotten me into ass slam and I actually enjoy doing it even if I cant cum that way yet.”

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