NEWCUMMERS October 2007 Special 154: 70 Photos of Jeanette

September 17, 2007 – 4:30 pm

NEWCUMMERS October 2007 Peculiar 154: 70 Images of Jeanette

Jeanette (19) and JOSHUA (Twenty one) banged for a SCORE Group photographer in Tony’s apartment in Toronto, Canada. Jeanette is a college scholar and she lives in a dorm. BEN is a scholar as well, but he lives in an apartment owned by his father. The apartment is where the pair spend majority of their time together and it’s the solely place that they’ve ever had sex, so it appeared to be like the logical place to photograph ’em when they decided to fuck for the cameras. “We’ll both be rogered if our parents ever see the magazine,” told Jeanette, “but we’ll risk that. We wish to do something together that is actually craziest and would offend a lot of people, and this of course would. We don’t like to be ordinary: we like to stir things up.”

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