NewCummers October 2007: 70 Photos of Zeta Kellie

October 1, 2007 – 4:30 pm

NewCummers October 2007: 70 Images of Zeta Kellie

“I’m just one of the beauties in the crowd at work, even if I’m topless. But in Newcummers I’ll be the center of attention–on my pages, anyway–and that is what appealed to me about posing,” told Zeta. “Thinking about all the boyz who’ll be jacking and having obscene thoughts during the time that looking at my open slit or my butt gets me all luscious. I crave there was some way I could look at what they say about me. Is that a bit weird? One of the casino photographers took the photos. I thought this charmer might be gay, but I saw a bulge in his trousers as I posed, so I just had to shag him afterward ’cause I was so damned lustful.”

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