NewCummers October 2007: 70 Photos of Kyla Lily

September 24, 2007 – 4:30 pm

NewCummers October 2007: 70 Pics of Kyla Lily

“I posed for those fotos just four days after I moved into my boyfriend’s apartment,” said Kyla. “It was the 1st weekend, and we were still organizing things in the bedroom closet and the dressers. DUSTIN came across his digi camera and told me to pose for some ‘welcome home’ shots, but I could not help beginning to disrobe, ‘coz it was at least 3 hours since we’d last had sex and I wanted him again. ALVIN was delighted and that petticoat chaser encouraged me to keep going, so I did. When we looked at the pix, I was real pleased with ’em, so we decided to send them in to Newcummers so we can buy some recent bedroom furniture.”

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