NEWCUMMERS June 2007 Special 148: 70 Photos of Tiffany

July 4, 2007 – 4:30 pm

NEWCUMMERS June 2007 Special 148: 70 Fotos of Tiffany

“When my boyfriend came home with a mag called Newcummers, it got my interest,” Tiffany told. “I asked him if that ladies man thought I could be in a mag like this one, and this skirt chaser said I was greater quantity than beautiful and hawt sufficient, but this chab wasn’t sure this chab wanted to share me like this. I know some studs must convince their girls to pose stripped, but for us, it was the other way around. But I’ve some peculiar ways to persuade him, if you know what I mean, so this chab lastly gave in and said it would be okay. In any case, I had a nice time changing his mind, so it’s been a great thing all the way around.”


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