NEWCUMMERS June 2007 Special 148: 70 Photos of Jessika Bleu

June 27, 2007 – 4:30 pm

NEWCUMMERS June 2007 Specific 148: 70 Fotos of Jessika Bleu

“I’m actually sexually open and liberal and have done a lot of wild ram. I have had sex with other gals and been involved in three-ways and all kind of joy things. I’ve dreamed for a long time about seeing myself in a men’s magazine and wondering if I’ve what it takes. I suppose I have proven that I do,” Jessika said. “I work in a really conservative place, and I am sure the people in my office would have heart attacks if they knew I was doing this. But I doubt they’ll ever identify out. They’re all indeed uptight, so I do not think they see adult magazines. But you at not time indeed know, do u?”


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