NEWCUMMERS August 2007 Special 151: 70 Photos of Kimberley

August 15, 2007 – 4:30 pm

NEWCUMMERS August 2007 Special 151: 70 Pix of Kimberley

“Hello from Australia’s illustrious Gold Coast to all you Newcummers browsers around the world. I hope you like what u see. I’m way larger amount excellent in the flesh than I’m in pics, and I am actually precious in sofa, too, so the blokes I’ve slept with have told me,” told Kimberley. “I’m beautiful assertive, so if you are a sexy-looking dude and I watch you dangling out somewhere and you appeal to me, I’ll probably walk up to you and start chatting you up. If I’m still interested after we’ve talked for a while, I’ll be making the moves on u and suggesting that we go somewhere so we can be alone…and get naked. Ok?”

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