Nautica and Gwen’s First Time Lesbian Sex

February 23, 2007 – 3:36 pm

Nautica and Gwen do everything jointly. They shop together, they go clubbing together, they dine together, and for the past four months, they’ve lived together. So, when Nautica admits to Gwen one day that this babe is always wondered what slit tasted like, it was only natural that they investigate jointly.

Being slightly greater amount daring than Nautica, Gwen pats her lap for Nautica to sit on, and Nautica happily obliges. Reaching round her, Gwen pulls Nautica’s top aside, to free her ample breasts, and begins squeezing ’em, and tweaking her rock hard teats. Nautica is in a short time moaning with pleasure, so Gwen sits on the back of the daybed, and pulling her suit up to reveal her wet undressed cum-hole, tells Nautica, “Lick.”

Nautica isn’t likewise sure at first, but when this babe sees the reaction on Gwen’s face as that babe lightly licks at her love button, this babe buries her whole face in her snatch. This just acquires Gwen even hornier, and she’s soon poking Nautica’s face further into her luscious love tunnel, gyrating her thighs, and soaking Nautica.

Nautica’s turn in a short time follows, as Gwen lays her back and pulls her legs wide open, to brandish her sopping soaked, glistening muff. This is where Gwen unveils what a bawdy wench that babe indeed is, spitting on Nautica’s love tunnel and licking with tongue her clitoris as if she’d not ever tasted anything so good.

By now, one as well as the other of these juvenile bimbos are well and actually succulent, and the solely thing left to do is clean up. And that’s exactly what they do, laying one on top of the other, face hole to wet, slippery, hawt pink love tunnel.  

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