NaughtyMag Special: 70 Photos of Sadie Love

May 29, 2007 – 4:30 pm

NaughtyMag Special: 70 Fotos of Sadie Love

At the commence of this set, Sadie is wearing one of these shirts that makes us wonder, “How does that babe keep her tits in?” Sadie’s great answer: “I don’t care if they fall out. Anyway, love bubbles mean tips.” As u might have guessed, Sadie is a waitress, a 21-year-old waitress from Fort Worth, Texas. This babe decided to pose for these pics cuz “I’m always letting my billibongs pop out to receive tips. I might as well let ’em pop out in a situation where they’re supposed to pop out, right?” Right! Sadie’s slit and wazoo pop out, likewise, in those pix. And this babe pops a dildo in. That is worth at least a 20% tip.


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