Naughty Neighbors May 2007: 75 Photos of Cole

May 9, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Wicked Neighbors May 2007: 75 Images of Cole

“I did things backwards when I posed for those pix,” said Cole. “I was exposed in my boyfriend’s couch, cuddling after sexing it up for a couple of hours, when he asked when I was plan to pose. (I’d spoken about doing it for long time.) So I jumped with out bed, got his digital camera from his closet, brushed my hair, got my toy and told him to go for it. So I played with my toy 1st, then that ladies man kept taking pictures till I was all dressed. But that did not work too well, because by then that woman chaser had a boner and my cunt was wet for sex, so we bare off and went back to ottoman for what turned out to be an gorgeous screw leading up to a massive climax for me–the strongest one I’ve ever had.”


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