Naughty Neighbors May 2007: 65 Photos of Trinity

May 18, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Wicked Neighbors May 2007: 65 Pictures of Trinity

“I work–and live–in this resort hotel that is out in the midst of nowhere. I work as much overtime as I can ’cause I am saving up to go to community high-school. My boyfriend lives in Newburgh. I don’t need to watch him too often, but when I do it is a real sex-fest for a couple of days. We don’t go out of his apartment ’cause we’re nude all the time, and screwing a whole lot. My ultimate friend works at the hotel, too. She took these pix in one of the rooms for me to give to him to keep him going when I am not around. The cash will go into my high school fund.”


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