Naughty Neighbors January 2007 – Deja

February 2, 2007 – 6:46 pm

“I work in a large home hardware place…I’d bigger quantity awesome not say which one,” told Deja. “It’s not hard work and I’ve to flirt with all the contractors who come in for supplies. There’s no company rule that says we cant date customers, which is just as well ’cause I have broken it. Watch, I come from a real slight city about half an hour’s drive away from Findlay, and I’ve dated the solely phat boyz who live there. None of ’em actually held my attention. But the ladies man who took those photos indeed acquires my attention. He’s a house painter in a town about 30 minutes’ drive the other side of Findlay. We had sex on our 1st date and we have been sexing it up ever since. This chab makes me feel so hot, and that’s why I posed when he asked me.”

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