Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2007: 68 Photos of Elyse Williams

December 25, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2007: 68 Fotos of Elyse Williams

“I was messing around with my boyfriend’s keyboard. This chab started to take photos of me playing it and singing,” said Elyse. “But I was godawful, so I figured I would distract him by dancing off so we could fool around instead. But that lady-killer kept on taking pics and telling me what to do, so the afternoon got truly interesting. I took a break to give him a blowie ’cause he’d naked naked, also, and his hard penis looked so wonderful; then I got my toy without my bag and finished my act. Then we had some great sex and this Lothario used the toy in my wazoo like this charmer always does. The images came out great so I decided to share ’em with his beloved mag.”

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