Naughty Neighbors February 2007 – Etiene

February 13, 2007 – 2:32 pm

Hello, my fella cum-hole paramours, one and all. This is your purveyor of porn, DON O’Neal, with one bigger quantity cum-encounter in Los Angeles. At this time, I desire to tell u that this might be my final contribution to NN. It appears as if a major geographical and lifestyle change is in the cards for me, and The Pick-Up Artist will get to hang up his digi camera. That is how life goes, amigos. If this is our last encounter, all I can do is to wish you well and hope that u get to score as often as I do. Perhaps reading about my adventures has taught u smth about picking up beauties; it would be fine to think so. In any case, let us get on with this story.

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