Naughty Neighbors April 2007 – Diana

April 18, 2007 – 10:30 pm

We’re suckers when it comes to a sob story. Diana’s is a priceless one. This babe was featured in our Holiday ’06 issue, posing in the workout room of the apartment complex where she not only worked but lived. Appears to be that one of the bosses from the company that owns the apartments is a NN reader (probably a closet reader at that). This dude saw the layout and where that babe posed–for her guy–and decided that this babe wasn’t suitable to work for the company. Yeah, this babe got fired. And her lease was about up, so she moved. Now she’s in a new apartment and she was short of cash when this babe called us. That babe had fresh pics taken by a new husband, so we said her to send ’em in. No complaints, eh?

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