Monica Sage

December 7, 2018 – 6:32 pm

Monica Sage Monica Sage
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Porn isn’t real. At least that’s what Monica Sage thinks as she’s checking out some of the DVD’s at her local indecent book store! "Those jocks aren’t real!" "Those beauties aren’t really blowing dozens of males!" "Gloryholes aren’t real!!" Those are all things the randy youthful lady is telling herself, over and over. The clerk is intend to set Monica straight, especially on her 3rd point: gloryholes are real…as Monica is about to discover! U know the clerk is gonna lead her back to booth number five, and once inside, Monica is amazed. It’s filthy (used condoms on the floor), sticky (we all know why the floor is sticky), smelly (Monica can smell the pungent odor of spunk), and there is a dirty video playing on the TV! Oh yea…and fucked throughout the walls that separate the booths? Holes. Gloryholes! And they’re very real, as Monica is about to inspect. And it gets very interesting when the "random" one booth over reached throughout the hole to pull out Monica’s concealed anal plug…immediately previous to this chab stuffs his over-sized wang into that aperture, likewise! In the end, Monica’s a spunky mess…and a Believer!
Monica Sage Monica Sage

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