Mom’s Butt Plug

September 28, 2018 – 7:51 am

Mom’s Anal intercourse

Mom's Arse Plug

“I was looking for some cash in my mom’s drawer and I identified her butt-plug! It was so marvelous and glossy…I wanted to steal it for my own! Just as I was looking at it, her boyfriend sauntered in and caught me. It turned out that not only did I use my mom’s anal insert, but I likewise used her boyfriend’s jock! And that fellow did not just shag me in the slit. This chab fucked my wazoo also! To be honest, it wasn’t my first time doing anal. But it was my 1st time with an maturer lad, and wow! He was so much more magnificant at it than the boyz my age. Experience really does make a difference. I came so hard with his knob buried deep in my gazoo.”

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