Maya Hills And Brandi Lace Playing With Dildos

March 14, 2007 – 12:39 pm

I’ve had the hots for Maya for years. Ever since we 1st became friends back in high-school, she’s just had an beautiful sexual vigour over me. For the longest time, all I could think about was kissing her, touching her and sliding my lengthy fingers up her deep cum-hole. I thought there need to be something seriously not right with me to have all of these terrible fantasies about some other goddess, but after a during the time that I just realized that that was me and that’s the person that I was.

Imagine how glad I’m now that me and Maya are truly full erotic partners and I acquire to do whatsoever I wish with her. We usually have sleep overs about one time or twice a week now that we’re in high-school. Our housemates really do not think much of it so we do not even get to try and keep things secret like we used to. What I love doing almost any of all is playing with the sex-toy. I love the feeling when Maya is caressing my clitoris with her hand, or eating my clit like a hungry puppy, while at the same time she is ramming this hawt soaked sex toy in and out of my cookie.

It just feels so worthwhile that I can barely stand it. That babe makes me so sexy, that I just need to lie back and moan in sheer fun at the entire experience. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be skillful to feel this way about a guy, because for now Maya truly is the love of my life. We can experiment with our bodies together and learn all of the different ways to fun each other and make every other come. I love it and I love being a lesbian, but almost all of all I just love the way Maya and I can just be ourselves and be open about who we are.

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