Mandy Muse

October 19, 2018 – 5:35 pm

Mandy Muse Mandy Muse
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Mandy Muse and her Husband flip homes for a living. They’re doing the last clean without their latest investment, and they’ve already got a buyer lined up! Let’s call him "The Investor", and, more importantly (for Mandy), he’s gracious…and darksome! She knows this guy is well-endowed, too. So, adore any priceless cuckoldress, Mandy sends Husband over to pitch The Investor: not solely is Boyfriend gonna try and sell the home, but Spouse is going to suggest up his fetching, "booty-licious" wife as well! At first, The Investor isn’t sure what to make of both proposals, but soon he’s getting his immense tool sucked as Husband watches! Hubby is gratified of his wife’s "head game". Partner too likes watching Mandy receive tag-teamed out!! Today, The Investor is taking any and all of Mandy’s holes! Look at as this lady-killer pounds away before dumping a humongous load all over Mandy’s handsome bubble butt! The only thing left is to do what any worthwhile cuckold would, which is a thorough clean-up! The Cuckold cleans all of The Investor’s mess – before accepting his offer on the home! Win-Win all the way around!!
Mandy Muse Mandy Muse

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