Lizzy’s Wild Ride

January 18, 2010 – 4:30 pm

Lizzy's Wild Ride

Lizzy, 20, a scholar from St. KEITH, Minnesota, was featured solo in our July ’09 issue. She contacted us about screwing her charmer for NN when they were in South Florida before taking a Caribbean cruise. It sounded like a fine idea to us, so we arranged for them to drop by our studios.

“I love being cocked doggie-style cuz it feels way different to rogering in any other position,” said Lizzy. “Plus, Pete opens my butt cheeks way apart and fingers my dark-skinned hole and that sends additional shivers down to my clitoris. But, for now, a finger is all I want in my asshole; I’m not ready to try booty sex. Perhaps we’ll initiate off with using a toy in there and watch how it goes, then work up to Pete’s wang. It is so damned big that I can not figure out how it could even fit in my booty.”

“I can merely cum one time during sex, and I really came when I was riding Pete’s weenie,” told Lizzy. “Before we started, I was sure that I would not ever be skillful to cum coz we would be doing it for a digital camera with the cameraman watching us. But I got my jollies and, not lengthy after that, Pete finally lost control and came on my chest and face. That really was an marvelous souvenir of our cruise although it is not one that I’d crave to reveal to everyone. We’ll flaunt the magazine to some of our friends, and some allies won’t must watch it unless they are closet NN readers.”

Lizzy's Wild Ride