Lezzie Slumber Party

April 29, 2019 – 5:50 pm

Lezzie Slumber Party

Lezzie Slumber Party

Lolly, what kind of pajama party is this?

It is a bawdy cleft pajama party, that’s what it is! Here’s a filthy little secret for all these boyz out there: pillow fights always lead to pussy-eating. At least in my bedroom they do! Poppy can’t live out of it lots. She’s a indecent little whore who likes to receive off no matter if it’s a beauty or a skirt chaser who’s playing with her button!

Poppy, is what Lolly says true?

Yeah. I like to cum, no matter what! And Lolly is my prefered goddess to play with. That babe knows exactly what I like because that babe is nasty and depraved like me. Sometimes we 69 just to take up with the tongue each other’s arseholes. And I just love her greater than standard, meaty lips. When I spread them out they look like a butterfly!

Lolly, what else goes on during these slumber parties?

Poppy and I acquire down and smutty! We take up with the tongue each other’s cookies and stuff our fingers inside one one more. We explore each inch of our amorous bodies together. Sometimes we’ll look at each other masturbate until one of us cant take it anymore and dives tongue-first into the other’s fanny.

Poppy, do you 2 adore to share your dildos when you play?

We do! We’ll bonk ourselves with our toys then trade. After Lolly’s marital-device has been deep inside her pussy, this babe likes to put it in my throat. This babe likes to watch me lick her love tunnel juice off it and I push it as far as I can down my mouth love it’s a dick. Sometimes that babe sticks her fingers in my throat after playing with her love tunnel, also. I said you she’s a obscene goddess! That’s why I adore her.

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