Lexi Lore

May 6, 2019 – 7:40 am

Lexi Lore Lexi Lore
Lexi Lore @ CuckoldSessions.com
Lexi Lore is a greedy slut, and this babe knows if this babe hits the gym super late at night (or early in the morning), she’ll be one of the few working out…and have a more nice chance at hooking up! Lexi is always concupiscent, and she loves being in the Health Exotic dancing club when this babe is amorous. It is that "smell" that does it for her! The smell of a guy working out! It’s 4 am, and it is just the 3 of them — and Lexi wants ’em both! She’ll follow ’em into the men’s locker room to make herself accessible…which is when she learns something shocking: cuckolding! You see, one of the fellows doesn’t wanna fuck. That lady-killer desires to view. And jerk. And be abused. At first Lexi doesn’t understand. That babe is barely-legal; her braces aren’t even off yet! "Why do not u flaunt me what do to?" Lexi asks the Cuckold. What you are about to witness is an indoctrination into a lifestyle…a lifestyle that, by the end of this session, will be a lifestyle Lexi Lore will embrace for the rest of her life!
Lexi Lore Lexi Lore

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