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May 19, 2010 – 5:56 am

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Tiffany and Alyssa have been allies for a during the time that and when they lastly got their first weekend off work they decided that they were gonna have a completely drunk weekend doing all the stupid ram they could think of. First they went out and picked up all the wine coolers and mixed drinks they could detect and then they picked up some munchies and headed back to their apartment to catch a tiny in number worthy videos. After the 1st movie Tiffany said Alyssa that this babe was going in to the bedroom to put her pajamas on so she could be comfortable. Alyssa followed her in to scare her when this babe least expected it but instead things got a little carried away.

Tiffany turned around just as Alyssa was about to pounce on her and that babe threw her down on to the bedand started to pull of her garments. That babe told her that babe needed to be in comfy gracious clothes likewise but as this babe nude Alyssa down to just her belt thongs. Alyssa looked up at her with these big round eyes and just then Tiffany slid her fingers inside Alyssa’s panties and started to tease her appealing cum-hole.

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