Kiki Daire

September 12, 2019 – 1:37 am

Kiki Daire Kiki Daire
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Kikis hubby Draven jokes that his wifes a real bitch. Shes had her share of hookups but this one was particular. Almost all of the time they were with buddies of his and this Lothario was perfectly worthy with it. Sometimes Draven would jump in and other times he would listen from the other room or await until they were laying in daybed and Kiki would turn to him, covered in another mans dried cum and give him her full confessional. Draven loved how his wife would pimp herself out to boys. What made this time different was how Kiki approached a total stranger in the market, gave him the full rundown of their kink and asked him over. Draven clothed his wife for one more Lothario and viewed, his erection pinned down by the inflexible metal of his chastity strap, and was denied the basic enjoyment of his own wifes fur pie. Kiki, being a fine wife did let him smack the strangers rod juice from her throat and even let him clean the strangers cum wad with out her holes. As a treat, this babe allowed him to unlock himself and jack off, as lengthy as this chab promised to clean up his mess.
Kiki Daire Kiki Daire

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