Kendra Spade

September 6, 2019 – 5:43 pm

Kendra Spade Kendra Spade
Kendra Spade @
Kendra is the perfect maid of congratulate. She’s in charge of the bachelorette party and it’s her goal to go above and beyond the call of duty. Kendra craves to make it special and enjoyment. That babe visits the local adult bookstore for some "ideas". The store clerk flaunts her some movie scenes and toys…but appears to be adore Kendra urges smth a little more adventurous for her superlatively precious friends’ send off into matrimony. Well she’s in luck ‘coz the clerk is intend to unveil her the "Bachelorette Package" they have stored in the booth. What a surprise for Kendra! That babe had no idea how bigger than run of the mill the package was. But adore any nice cutie…she got down on her knees and endevoured that package out for herself. 1st she slurped on that weenie like an a true able. Honestly, superlatively valuable Blow J we’ve seen in…forever! But this babe was not sucking to get this strange rod off….she was just lubing it up for her other holes. That’s right…holes as in plural. 1st this babe strokes that meat with her soaked juicy snatch and when it is hard, this babe slides it into that taut consummate butthole. She jerked that rod with her wazoo until that babe came all over it. Then that babe drinks down every ounce of the woman chaser juice. I think she’s detected the flawless entertainment for her utmost friend’s bachelorette party!

Kendra Spade Kendra Spade

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